Western Pennsylvania Lions

Hearing Foundation

Lions Hearing Aid Program

Department of Otolaryngology
Step One
Contact Your District Representative

An individual seeking assistance from the Western Pennsylvania Lions Hearing Foundation, Lions Club, UPMC Eye and Ear Institute or another agency shall contact the board member in their representative district.

Find Your District Representative
Step Two
Application Process

The Foundation Board Member shall mail an application with an income and asset form to each candidate to be returned to board member for approval or denial.

Step Three

If the candidate is approved the Board should contact a Lions Club in the area where the client may reside and ask for a donation toward the device. Approved candidates are committed to consider making a nominal contribution to the Foundation.

Step Four
Examination and Testing

The approved candidates are referred to the Eye and Ear Institute or one of the available satellite sites outlined with the Patient Information Form for the examination and testing.

Find Your Examination and Testing Site

Please Select Your County of Residence (Step One)

Step Five
Application Process

The board member forwards the approved application to the Foundation Treasurer.

Step Six

The candidate is responsible for contacting the Eye and Ear Institute or satellite to make an appointment. They should identify themselves as a potential hearing device recipient sent by the Lions Foundation.

Making an Appointment

Please Select Your Examination and Testing Site (Step Four)

Step Seven
Application Approval Letter

Copies of the approval letter and the patient information forms must be presented by the patient at the time of the medical and audiologic evaluation.

Step Eight
Examination Completion

Upon completion of the examination, the doctor will direct the medically approved candidate to the audiologist providing service at that location.

Step Nine

The examination and all the procedures will be performed at the Eye and Ear Institute or one of the available satellite sites.

Step Ten

Candidate must provide for his/her own transportation to the Eye and Ear Institute or the satellite location.